XviD 1.0 Pref App

Next Stuff

- Clean up in XviD_Codec and bring more features.

Further Stuff

When I started the XviD_Codec Project, I didn't know anything about QuickTime programming. This means the Code is not as perfect as it could be. Furthermore there are now much more interfaces I could use internal. In addition implementing some of the features I would like, requires to rewrite big parts of the Component. That's why I decided that a clean rewrite of all the stuff would be the best though XviD_Codec still lacks a lot of features (the old one just for bugfixes). I also think that perhaps a new name should be choosen. As the Component will feature (in a far future ;-) ) a lot of other stuff next to XviD.

Here's a list of things I would like to see implemented in QuickTime next to XviD:

MP3 Encoder based on LAME
Ogg Vorbis Encoder
Deinterlace filter
Denoise filter
A more powerfull Movie/Avi exporter

For the compatibility. The new Component will use interfaces which will be available just on systems with QuickTime 7 (and I'm not sure, perhaps even Mac OS 10.4).


If you know that some of the things above already exists. Please let me know. e.g if you know that the LAME mp3 component now features a sound compressor, then it wouldn't make any sense to write one my own. If you think my list above lacks something, you can tell me...

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