Xyle scope

Version: 1.2.4 || Release Date: 2009-02-28 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Cultured Code | App Owner: css_sam

debugging, fine-tuning, and understanding css based web design

Xyle scope is an elegant analysis tool for everyone interested in web standards. It's like surfing the web with an X-ray view. Using Xyle scope you will deepen your understanding of XHTML and CSS, find out how your peers did it, and see your own work with fresh eyes.

The synchronized views of Xyle scope let you easily focus on specific parts of the HTML or CSS sources, view the CSS Cascade and formatting box of HTML elements, and change CSS values in third party sites.


  • Immediate display of the HTML and CSS sources of the page being visited.
  • Automatic formatting of source files using an unlimited number of customizable CSS style sheets
  • Hierarchical navigation in HTML documents
  • WYSIWYG selection of HTML elements via clicking in the web page being displayed
  • Computation of the CSS cascade for each selected HTML element
  • Lists all HTML elements matching a given selector (e.g. by clicking on a selector in a CSS source file or the computed cascade)
  • Highlights the formatting box of each selected HTML element
  • Live changing of CSS values of any visited site
  • Smart groups and search function to filter large CSS files
  • DTD viewer to get details on the XHTML standard

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9 Opinions

How did it take me so long to discover this incredible app? Xyle Scope is invaluable for anyone who works with CSS and is one of these few, special gems that really deserve to be given the much-abused "must have" label.

When my page looks broken, I pray it's also broken on WebKit :) Then it's just a matter of a few clicks and voila -- unexpected paddings, collapsed margins, whacky rules cascade -- it's all there.

Completely brilliant application. Can't live without it - worth the cash!

This application saved my day some many times, one of my best secret tools.
Some times friends call me to ask me if I can help them understand a web site CSS structure, and Xyle does it for me.

Good work.

We all wait for new versions and features for editing...


This works better than the CSS plugins for FireFox. I've looked on the PC (Wiindows) side, they don't have anything like it.

It works a bit choppy at times, but for anyone that has ever had to skin / redesign someone elses code this app is pure solid gold.

This application is extremely useful. I just registered it because I've been using it repeatedly, day after day, when helping a friend redesign her site. This let me zero in on and identify the problems she was having in a matter of seconds, when otherwise I would have had to spend minutes, if not hours, poring over CSS to try and figure it out in my head.

Mac UI Power. I'd be surprised if this didn't at least get nominated for an Apple Design Award.

no app similar to this exist. Its totallly unique