Version: 1.173 || Release Date: 2010-05-27 || License: Freeware Developer: Openyabs.org | App Owner: joen

Billing and Accounting Application

The multi-user, multi language, cross platform, scalable and extendible accounting solution for small business needs.

  • manage contacts, products, invoices, offers and orders
  • export your data to PDF- or ODF-documents (OpenOffice-format)
  • use fully customizable ODT templates
  • work from Windows, Linux and Mac OSX at the same time
  • define user and user roles
  • synchronize your web shops with Yabs
  • add your own functionality to Yabs via plugins

Yabs is compatible to multiple database back-ends (MySQL, Derby, all JDBC compliant database engines), Derby and MySQL Support comes out-of-the box

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