Yahoo! Messenger

Version: || Release Date: 2010-03-26 || License: Freeware App Owner: karladam

The new Yahoo! Messenger, with a new stunning interface (one of the best I've seen), iSight support. MSN support is now activated, and can be enabled by signing up on

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that msn support.. does that mean that I can add @msn users? or can I also login with an msn account or merge my msn account with yahoo? I would like to use the yahoo messenger, but I won't use the @yahoo mailadress and reconnect with all my friends..

Ermm, "stunning interface"? "Best"? Maybe you should have a look at Adium or Proteus. No video, but UIs from another league. And customizable, too.

voice chat is not possible thts the biggest blunder of yahoo...

It now has MSN support!

Runs great on my CoreDuo iMac.... but, can't connect on my G3 iBook.

Can't wait till it gets MSN support!

It's about time that Yahoo! released an updated client for their chat service. Version 3.0 is an excellent and must-have update. In ways it's cooler looking than iChat (blasphemy!) and brings many of the features a little closer to the client available for other platforms.