Version: 3.5 || Release Date: 2015-02-18 || License: Freeware Developer: Freak'n Genius | App Owner: gillyp15

YAKiT is a quick, simple & fun tool for creating short video messages that bring hilarity, laughter& creativity to any conversation.

YAKiT is a quick, simple, and fun tool for creating short video messages that bring hilarity, laughter and creativity to any conversation. Think JibJab meets text messaging.

The app allows users to choose a photo from their camera library or, from within the app they can directly search the internet or Facebook to find the perfect picture. They can also take a picture with the built-in camera. Once they have selected a picture, the user will be guided to quickly highlight a mouth. Then as they record a short message, their photo will be brought to life as they move the mouth to the audio. For example, if the user chose a picture of Grumpy Cat from the Web Photo Search, they would identify Grumpy’s mouth, and in the Record screen, they would make Grumpy’s mouth move to make him say some snarky comment.

The user will be brought to the playback screen where they can view their YAK (or video) and send it to a friend via text, email, twitter, or post it directly to a friend's Facebook wall. From the playback screen, there are options to change the video if the user decides their YAK isn't quite ready to be released into the wild. They can change the mouth shape if the alignment was off or re-record if their giggling drowned out their actual message. They can also adjust the pitch of the audio to really give their video that LOL-factor - making their BFF sound like a man or their crush sound like a chipmunk.

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This app is seriously awesome! It's super funny and there are always more pictures to be yakked. My favorite part is definitely doing the pitch shift to make the voice sound squeaky high. Or when my friends sent me YAKiT. I have never met anyone who hasn't laughed when first seeing how YAKiT works. It is amazing!!