Version: 2.9.1 || Release Date: 2014-10-18 || License: Freeware Developer: Jim Mitchell | App Owner: jim_mitchell

Yasu is an application that allows system administrators, as well as standard users, to conveniently run the many system level Unix shell scripts for performing maintenance routines and clearing the many cache files used by OS X.

Yasu was designed to be a simple, first line of attack for a workstation that has started misbehaving. More often than not, a thorough purge of the cache files of a Mac will bring it back into line.

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1 Opinion

yeah, it is a script wrapper... but so what? i could easily write my own script to do the things yasu and its ilk do, but i get frucking lazy, plus it works perfectly fine with or without "donating" the $3.50 :] i use it because it is useful and the only decent looking script wrapper not suffering from glitches or "featuritis".