Version: 2.0.3 || Release Date: 2009-11-09 || License: Shareware ($39) Developer: Ironic Software | App Owner: test

Photos have iPhoto. Music has iTunes. But when it comes to Documents, you're on your own. That is, until now.

Yep helps make important documents like receipts, medical records, income tax returns, bank statements and important letters more accessible. Often these documents are stored away in filing cabinets in a storage room, or crammed in desk drawers. MacUpdate loves Yep because it helps you scan these important documents into your Mac.

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While this is incredibly useful, be very, very careful when using this app. For no apparent reason, it dumped 641 of my PDFs, which I spent months gathering and organizing, into the trash, with no warning at all, even though I did set it to warn me before moving files to the trash.

The description should be updated to reflect the actual name of the product, the "kip" references are confusing.

I love this app. I have hundreds of academic journal articles on my Mac, and Yep enables me to find and use them effectively - previously I used Spotlight. Best feature? Auto-tagging.

For PDF and image preview... You bettet try "FileBrowse"

Scratch the previous comment. Apparently there's a new version…

The best program I've found yet to use for prepared cases for collegiate parliamentary debate. Gotta find them quick!

However, the interface is a bit clunky and an alternate list view may be ideal. Seeing a PDF thumbnail that's 150×100px is not legible and really just wastes space.

yep is shareware, not freeware.

A very usefull app if you have a lot of PDFs. But it's a bit slow on my 1,33 Ghz iBook G4. Would be great to support more document types than just PDFs in further updates. For now it's a great app for free!

kip is now called Yep

"We had to change the name of kip for legal reasons so kip is now Yep.
Please go to the Yep website at for more information."

"Kip, Pik, Yep: Why all the name changes?

Yep started its life as Kip but unfortunately it turned out another company was using the name Kip so we had to change it. We eventually settled on the name Pik but it turns out that Pik is a vulgar word in some languages (we'll leave it to you to Google if you're that interested). And now we're on Yep. We like it. As far as we know it isn't rude and no one is using the name for similar software. We sure hope we won't be changing it again."

I think this application is quite clearly focussed on capturing and storing electronic versions of your paper documents. There are other apps for storing and cataloguing Word, RTF, web archives, etc. (try DEVONthink). The basic scanner control (perhaps a little too basic) makes it fast and easy to scan in and tag your important paper documents, either as a backup or as your primary record.

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