Version: 2.0.3 || Release Date: 2009-11-09 || License: Shareware ($39) Developer: Ironic Software | App Owner: test

Photos have iPhoto. Music has iTunes. But when it comes to Documents, you're on your own. That is, until now.

Yep helps make important documents like receipts, medical records, income tax returns, bank statements and important letters more accessible. Often these documents are stored away in filing cabinets in a storage room, or crammed in desk drawers. MacUpdate loves Yep because it helps you scan these important documents into your Mac.

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Once upon a time (ca. 2011), there was no tagging in OS X, and the developers of Yep were actively involved in developing a tagging standard called OpenMeta. Five years later, pretty much everything you can do in Yep, you can do in the Finder.

But....I made the mistake of installing Yep to see if it could do some rapid, keyboard based tagging of a directory of 600 or so PDFs. Nope. It brought my Mac to a crawl.

And....even though I unchecked all the "preferred locations" to try to stop it slowing my system down, it still displayed a ton of files, seemingly picked at random from across my HD. Maybe it wanted to finish what it was doing before I unchecked the preferred locations.

And not only did it display them, it changed the Extended Attributes on all of them. 6000 or so. As the previous poster noted, behavior like this will really mess up a syncing system.


I like how it modified all my files without asking permission. THIS DID NOT IMPACT MY SYNCING SYSTEM AT ALL.

One day in the future I am going to hire a team of software developers, and we will make a software to compete with Yep (and other softwares) to be the ultimate PDF/ebook/audiobook/notation all-in-one software. So, Yep, you better fix your issues now, we're going to save your abused customers!

If you are a developer and want to be part of the team, contact me.

I manage a huge library of PDFs for a business, in the thousands. After extensive searching,Yep v1.8 was the best PDF manager app I have found to date. I tried upgrading to 2.0.3, and within 5 minutes I knew I hated it. Here is what v2 removed from 1.8

- Removed ability to open PDFs within Yep. Why??
- Removed Author field and column. Now I cant sort by author.
- 1.8 put tags in spotlight and description in description, but 2.0 put tags in keywords and description in spotlight.
- Removed ability to write Meta-Data (author tags description) to the PDF itself.
- Oversimplified the menu features.
- The new zoomed loupe is annoying.
- The details bar on the right is much worse.

The only v2 perk is that its much faster in thumbnail view for our large database.

I am very upset that the developer decided to remove or change some of the most important features in v2. Its obvious the developer does not have a large PDF library.

How ironic you are, Ironic Software...

The new version 2 of Yep is a huge step ... backward.

Yep now seems like a stripped-down version of Leap, Ironic Software's file manager. It actually lost the ability to view PDFs directly in the app, which is a complete deal-breaker for me, as I do not want to switch between two apps (Yep and Preview) to deal with PDFs. Yep also lost various preferences in the upgrade. I was fairly happy with Yep 1, and I'm now looking for a replacement. Shame on the developer for ruining such a nice app.

Great as a paperless filing system. With finding PDFs anywhere on my hard drive and tags, maintaining a file system is easy, painless, and fun. PDF is ubiquitous and the format will be around "forever" - I'm tired of not being able to open 5-20 yr old documents.

Used with Receiptwallet software, Fujitsu's ScanSnap scanner, going paperless is easy breezey

How does Yep differs from Leap (made by the same company)? Leap can also tag and show preview thumbnails of pdf files (it handles any kind of file).
NB: Leap is more expensive: 59$, vs. 34$ for Yep.

Sort and store / tag your PDF's as well as putting a button on Safari alowing you to take full web page shots and then storing them to your pdf library ! simple to use .
I Love this 1 big time

For all those using this for academic software it may be best to try Papers. It provides a much cleaner way of storing PDFs and makes things much easier to find in terms of science. Plus it has a whole bunch of other advantages.

This may just be the answer I've been after for receipts though...

Very, very useful. Especially for anyone who has a lot of journal articles and other research documents in pdf format. I am in the process of scanning 15+ years worth of paper articles that had previously languished uncatalogued (more or less) in filing cabinets. Once digitised and tagged within Yep they are infinitely more useful to me. Using tags I can actually retrieve and refer to articles that previously I might have forgotten I had.

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