Version: || Release Date: 2011-03-15 || License: Commercial with demo (59.99) Developer: YNAB | App Owner: phynixx

Software to Gain Total Control of Your Money

YNAB (pronounced “Why-NAB”) is an acronym for “You Need A Budget” and is the name of both the software that we sell and the budgeting methodology that it is based upon.

YNAB is a one time purchase (we won’t force you to upgrade), standalone piece of software that will run on Windows, Mac or Linux computers without you having to be online or pay any monthly fees to continue using it to manage your personal finances.

Unlike some other software that you may be familiar with YNAB doesn’t try to do it all for you with lots of bells & whistles, instead it takes 4 simple rules and looks forward instead of backwards to allow you to put a plan in place for your money. Follow that plan and you will gain, perhaps faster than you thought possible!

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