Version: 2.2.1 || Release Date: 2010-07-06 || License: Commercial with demo ($39) Developer: Bare Bones Software | App Owner: angelp

Your effortless, reliable information organizer for Mac OS X

Yojimbo makes keeping all the small (or even large) bits of information that pour in every day organized and accessible. It’s so simple, there is no learning curve. Yojimbo’s mechanism for collecting, storing and finding information is so natural and effortless, it will change your life, without changing the way you work.

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I've gotten a lot of use out of Yojimbo. The Sync via MobileMe is great and the ability to password protect entries is a feature that seems to be missing from other products like Evernote (which I also use for different purposes). I'll agree though, 2.0 features are a bit dry for a $20 update. I'll probably stick with v1.

Version 2.0 features added that should have been in version 1.5 in the first place, after such a long time and now they have the gall to ask 20 bucks for that.

NO WAY. I'm on Evernote and happy.

Had to move to Evernote due to the frustrating lack of communication from Bare Bones about the future of Yojimbo. Safe to say they have completely missed the boat in terms of developing an iPhone app or a way to sync your info for mobile/cloud use. Shame really, because I did love the app and was a paying customer.

They had a great idea, but made it so simple that ruined the project completely. At first is great to use it, but as the database grows, you'll see that the lack of organization nested folders, smart collections, etc will affect the retrieval of info.
Looks primitive and hasn't been seriously updated since its creation. I was expecting more of you, BareBones people.

I really like Yojimbo. I don't mind the lack of nested folders. I do wish it could accept more file types; my serial for Squirrel (a neat, lightweight fincancial tracker) came as a small file rather than a code and Yojimbo will not accept it.

I used it a lot, but the lack of nested folders is a big omission. It's in dire need for an update!

I have demoted Yojimbo, mainly due to its lack of hierarchical structure. Stuff can go into one of a half dozen or so huge buckets, but that's it. It turned into a black hole: Stuff went in and I forgot all about it. I now use it for the strictly defined tasks of keeping passwords and web receipts. For everything else, I ended up turning to DevonThink.

I think it's odd that you can't encrypt serial numbers. Everything else, but not serial number smart items?

I really enjoy Yojimbo. I have used it almost daily since I got it over a year ago. But I have been disappointed by its lack of export features. There is an awesome <a href="http://www.ubuntuproductivity.com/journal/productivity/07/2008/export-your-yojimbo-database-to-a-tiddlywiki/">AppleScript here</a> to export your Yojimbo database to a TiddlyWiki.

I use it for web clippings. I like how easy it is to just drag a web page onto a folder in the drop dock. My wish list feature would be the ability to tag on the fly when you drag something over.

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