You Control: Tunes

Version: 1.6.1 || Release Date: 2008-01-26 || License: Freeware Developer: You Software | App Owner: yousoftware

You Control: Tunes is a free utility that gives you complete control over iTunes from the Mac OS X menu bar. You don’t have to stop whatever it is you may be doing, switch to iTunes, take care of business and then go back to your original app. You can now simply pull down your very own custom menu that gives you access to the iTunes controls (Next, Previous, Volume, Play/Pause, Stop) as well as displaying the current track, artist and album. You can also navigate your entire iTunes music library from this menu as well so you never leave your current application.

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7 Opinions

i have tried ecoute, bytecontroller and this is better than others alternatives

This app is great, but it has two deffects:

1. It should have scrobbling

2. I hate, I simply hate those free apps that require registration.

Correction, the app requires a free serial number. So I don't get to evaluate for free, what I get to do is give the author the right to spam my inbox. Still deleted.

Unfortunately, the "trial" gives you all of two options. The "More Info" button takes you to the website, and the "Register" button forces you to register. I can't evaluate a program that won't even let me get into the main app without purchasing. Deleted.

Ridiculously handy program, takes the pain out of using iTunes

I really like it, and I tried them all (Synergy, Menuet, Quicktuens... etc).
Its the fastest one in reading Genres, Albums and Artists from the menu, highly features, and lacks only scrobller integration.

Excellent piece of freeware, though it's meant to be a tempter to get you to buy their other software.

Very handy MenuBar item for searching through songs, play/pause buttons, and also gives a slick opaque display as each new song starts (with album art if present), a la Synergy.