Yummy FTP

Version: 1.11 || Release Date: 2015-10-07 || License: Shareware ($24.99) Developer: Yummy Software | App Owner: jasond

Turbo charged FTP client with many advanced features

Yummy FTP was designed to deliver speedy and trouble-free file transfers, using a highly tuned multi-connection file transfer engine coupled with an intelligent recovery system to automatically handle most file transfer issues - so you don't have to!

This is complimented by an elegant, easy to use dual pane user interface and an impressive feature set, with many unique and useful capabilities waiting to be discovered.

Since its release Yummy FTP has built a reputation for being the fastest, most reliable, and most flexible FTP client available.

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Brilliant little app! Tried Cyberduck and FileZilla. Cyberduck managed to screw up my site when uploading plus it was dog slow. Perhaps they should call it Cyberdog LOL. And FileZilla was just plain Windows app - UGH! couldn't stand it for more than 5 minutes.

THE best FTP client for the Mac, period. Sure, it costs a few bucks, but it's saved me so much time with its unique capabilities and outright reliability that it would still be worth it to me if it were twice as much. Highly recommended.

Use Filezilla or Cyberduck and save your money.

First ftp client I felt was worthy of paying money for. Great performance and robustness. In addition, the developers are continuing to update it (FXP and SCP support are apparently on the list). Definitely a keeper, and I tried all the main sftp apps out there first (cyberduck, transmit, forklift, fetch). This was definitely the superior app.

Though the icon is terrible, it's a great FTP app especially the seamless integration with textmate. I prefer it to Transmit, Cyberduck, and Flow.

I agree with mfichtner.

This app could need of a few extra bucks spent, hiring a designer so as to gain a higher visual overall level (including icon). I'm not saying it because I have a desire to sound negative, but this has been on my mind regarding this app, for a good while now. And because it's one of the most mysteriously unrecognized apps I can think of today, I find myself unable not letting it out.

A major reason behind the exorbitant hypeness of Transmit, as well as the large amount of people overlooking Yummy FTP, is due to the fact that the creators of Transmit devote great care to the necessity of visual delightfulness; an aspect that you simply <b>cannot</b> dodge in the competition between cutting edge Mac soft today. That's it. Icon is king. Along with a number of other details, of course. But the icon... Personally I'd argue that it's the single most important thing.

In comparison, Yummy FTP is a lot more trustworthy, a lot faster and simply has a lot more "roar" under the hood, than Transmit. Still, it lacks the looks of a real champion app. So, let's hear it for a substantial makeover.

January 8th 2008: Transmit, 3708 - Yummy FTP, 320.

I'll put everything I got, including two horrible cats and a lousy career on the bet that Yummy will be closing in by the end of the year, 31st of December 2008.

Great app.

But what's with the new icon?! Displaying a fake mouse pointer as part of an app's icon is such a bad idea.

Best FTP Client the Mac has to offer. Fast, reliable and not bad looking. Give it a try and you won't go back.

This is one of my "Can't Live Without" applications. It's the killer app that not even Windows fanboys can have! It is straight up, yummy!

Great! Great! Great! Way better than Fetch or Cyberduck.

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