Yummy FTP

Version: 1.11.2 || Release Date: 2016-01-22 || License: Shareware ($24.99) Developer: Yummy Software | App Owner: jasond

Turbo charged FTP client with many advanced features

Yummy FTP was designed to deliver speedy and trouble-free file transfers, using a highly tuned multi-connection file transfer engine coupled with an intelligent recovery system to automatically handle most file transfer issues - so you don't have to!

This is complimented by an elegant, easy to use dual pane user interface and an impressive feature set, with many unique and useful capabilities waiting to be discovered.

Since its release Yummy FTP has built a reputation for being the fastest, most reliable, and most flexible FTP client available.

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23 Opinions

Great! Great! Great! Way better than Fetch or Cyberduck.

Sophisticated FTP client with all the features you could wish for. Highly recommended.

Great if your connections are unstable. You can take up uploading again.
Great feature set. Seems more osx-like than transmit.

I tried as many clients as I could get my hands on. Transmit, Cyberduck, etc. but Yummy was the best of the bunch in my opinion. I love the mirroring function and the speed it seems to have over the others. Great app and highly recommended.

after 5 months of using Mac i bought Transmit, but currently because of some nasty folder refreshing bug in it i tried this app and i'm buing it - it works faster and is more flexible to my needs...

I'm currently using this to see if it can beat my current and long-time fave, Transmit. The interfaces seem identical, though Transmit is a bit cleaner and prettier. I'm liking the YummyFTP's concentration on editing as well...

Latest version is a nice update - the best just got better. Guess someone/some company is getting worried by this app, though - funny how all the comments for it have recently been marked down to a minus score!

I have tried every FTP/SFTP client available for OS X (after switching from the PC to Mac), and I consider Yummy FTP the very best of the bunch, with Transmit not too far behind but nevertheless behind.

By far the best FTP client I have ever come across. Couldn't ask for more. Kudos to the devs!

An incredible FTP client from a great developer. This is what Mac software is all about! Easily outperforms Transmit and better priced to boot. For speed, stability and features you won't find a better Mac FTP client for the asking price.

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