Version: 2.3.3 || Release Date: 2011-05-19 || License: Shareware ($30) Developer: HungrySeacow Software | App Owner: hungryseacow

Recipe Management at its Best!

YummySoup! 2 has been rewritten from the ground up to make your favorite recipe management app even more powerful than ever! Now including Recipecasts, premium themes for viewing/printing/emailing including 4×6 index and photo paper, and an all-new weekly planner. Your recipes will thank you!

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I tried quite a few different recipe apps, and this one is my favorite. The import feature is great, and I love the template system.

I love this recipe app. With the great feature the web importer you can add recipes directly from website to YummySoup. Nice.

bitnix: YummySoup! works with both standard and metric units. If you ever find a measurement that it doesn't recognize let me know. You can also add that measurement to the autofill values in the preferences.

Does anyone know if it supports international measures or if you can customize that?

Version 2.0 is great, and the support team is much better than the competition. I switched to this from SousChef and believe I've found the definite app to organize my recipes.

Version two blows version one out of the water. If you've tried version one and thought it was lacking... give it another whirl. I used version one, and it was good. Version 2... I love.

I LOVE this app!! It makes my life in the kitchen so much easier. Its really tough to juggle the kids with all of the other things on my list... in about 5 minutes I can pick a dozen recipes and import them into my YummySoup, plus make a grocery list for any ingredients I need. And cooking is quicker with the full screen display!! Thank you YummySoup for making my life so much easier!

YummySoup is a really nice, no frills app for managing (not just keeping) your recipes. I have tried several other recipe managers, most recently MacGourmet, and YummySoup is the most "Mac like" I have found Although YummySoup doesn't have all the frills of the others, it shines in it's simplicity and ease of use.

The web importer is hands down the best available...for most of the common recipes sites (allrecipes, foodtv, etc.) it auto populates all fields by merely using drag and drop to the main window. If YummySoup can't auto populate fields, it presents an easy to use interface for highlighting, selecting, and then importing the various fields into the library. Top it off that in can import from other recipe managers (saving time if you convert from another supported application) and has .Mac support, it really adds up to a great product.

Finally, the $20 license is a "family license" which allows you to install it on all Macs in your home. This is a welcome move by the developer which I wish was a model more software companies embraced.


Just FYI, I'm fairly certain The Little App Factory is out of business and no longer developing Connoisseur. Someone is still collecting registration fees but they don't answer support emails anymore. I recommended Connoisseur to my mom and she bought it about a year or so ago. When we upgraded her to Leopard, it broke Connoisseur. I tried getting support from TLAF but no one answered my/our emails. I went so far as to track down one of the devlelopers, who was spending a year in Pakistan, and he gave me another email to try. Many, many unaswered emails later, we gave up and since I'd been using YS for quite some time (I think I got it on MacZot for $10 or something) we migrated her to it.

Since switching to YS neither her nor I have had any regrets. I much prefer the drag and drop of YS and the Anysite importer is simply great. I got tired of the whole Services menu import of Connoisseur.

YummySoup can handle recipes very well, with drag n' drop features as well is pictures, I love it! BUT I still find it a little bit of a pain. It's very close to a copy of this: http://thelittleappfactory.com/application.php?app=Connoisseur

I think YummySoup has bad graphics and a bad name (it's not just for soup). I still prefer Connoisseur (which is also $20).

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