Zinio Reader

Version: 2 || Release Date: 2006-07-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Zinio | App Owner: criana

The award-winning Zinio Reader gives you an elegant and intuitive magazine reading experience on your computer, with all the search and note-taking features you'd expect from a digital magazine.

Requires Zinio magazine subscription.

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6 Opinions

I tried it with a few free sample magazines, but found it far to slow to be usable.

I have not run into any DRM issues as described by others, but I do find the interface clunky to use. The Zinio Reader for Mac seems to be the ugly stepchild of the product family; the Windows edition has been up to version 3 for a long time now. Still, for many big-name magazines, this is the only way to get a digital edition.

award winning? who gave it awards. like many users i experienced many crashes using this app. gave up on my free subscriptions, now they try and send me even more free! lol. no thanks!

I repaired some OS X issues by reinstalling from the install DVD. Since then, I can't access my mags due to harsh DRM. I can't even read new issues.

Not a fan of Zinio. Reader is slow and crash-prone. DRM is a pain in my ass.

Although I continue to use this software for my digital MacWorld subscription, I must say that it gives me a LOT of problems in regards to digital rights. I continually have to delete prefs & re-download magazines so that I can view them. When it works, I really like reading digital magazines but these problems persist and are growing frustrating.