Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2010-10-11 || License: Shareware (5.99) App Owner: zippyrippy

Automatic DVD ripper for Apple devices, disc imaging and ripping

ZippyRippy is a new program developed with one goal in mind, ripping DVD media for use on personal devices. ZippyRippy is set apart by the idea that DVD conversion should be automatic without the need to endlessly tweak controls.

Create an .iso disk image of the DVD for archiving or backup.
Convert for all Apple devices including: iPod, iPhone/iPod touch, AppleTV.
Rip the main feature of a DVD squeeze itself to a standard 4.3 GB DVD. This is also handy to skip menus and previews on most DVD’s.
h.264 mpeg4 encoding option, great for AppleTV
Set it up to launch when a video DVD is inserted into the drive for automatic ripping and encoding.

Use: Once the app is open you will be presented with either the regular interface which looks like a Finder copy window or the preferences panel. This depends on what preferences you have set. If you have it set to not show the preferences window on launch of the application then the app will use the preferences saved from the last time they were changed.

If you’re interested in having it all happen for you in one session, just click all the checkboxes, you’ll then end up with a version compatible with app Apple devices, a rip of the main feature to another DVD suitable for car DVD players or just to prevent seeing previews or navigating menus, and one archived version packaged as an .iso disk image for backup purposes.

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