Version: 6.41 || Release Date: 2012-07-10 || License: Shareware ($99) App Owner: cipherdude

The ZOC telnet client, secure shell client and terminal emulator lets you to easily connect to hosts and mainframes via telnet, secure shell (SSH/SSH2) modem, serial cable or isdn.

ZOC's well designed user interface, its impressive list of emulations, logging and automation features allow you to manage your connections faster and more efficiently.

Key features:
Tabbed session support with thumbnails
Scripting and automation features
User defined buttons, toolbar, screen-parts
Administrator friendly (deployment, trimming features)
Competitive pricing and attractive bulk discounts

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2 Opinions

ZOC is nice… Really, really nice. Fast and feature-packed. But it's expensive (though the price seems to be $80 rather than $100 right now). It would be nice if they had more of a price scale for commercial vs personal, etc… Even a slightly more stripped down version (only offer vt100/220/xterm or something) for cheaper would be great for people who are looking to ditch Terminal.app.

It has also been rather buggy for me. Doing something like find ~/. or ls -lR ~/ seems to throw its buffers all out of wack, and after a while (before completion) it crashes. I've tried a number of things - setting scrollback (lines) up, down, setting the stream capture size up (only goes up to 8192 kb - I tried pushing it to 65536…)… but nothing works.

So, it's fast, it's really quite nice, but I can't by any means call it stable or worth $80 right now…

ZOC is the Vandyke SecureCRT for Mac!