Version: 1.0.4 || Release Date: 2009-07-06 || License: Freeware Developer: ZOIPER | App Owner: asenci

The Zoiper Communicator is a softphone delivering basic and advanced Internet communication features through a very simple-to-use interface.

A key-feature for the Zoiper Communicator is that you can choose to use it simultaneously with the Zoiper Service and with your VoIP service provider. Doing so will save you costs and will ensure your continuous communication.
Please note that you can decide not to use the Zoiper Service with your Zoiper Communicator by simply choosing "I do not want to use this service" from the Zoiper Communicator interface upon initial startup, or by just not logging-in to the service on startup.
The Zoiper Service is embedded in your Zoiper Communicator and assures FREE advanced Zoiper-to-Zoiper communication.
You can easily configure your SIP and IAX accounts with your existing VoIP provider in your Zoiper Communicator.
Checkout Zoiper Communicator BIZ to be able to register unlimited number of SIP and IAX accounts and many more useful features.
Choosing to use your Zoiper Communicator with the Zoiper service as a Standalone Internet communication suite will allow you to instantly make voice, video calls, chat and send faxes to your Zoiper contacts.

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