Version: 2.4.2 || Release Date: 2010-07-01 || License: Commercial with demo ($14.95) Developer: Coderage Software | App Owner: tryrabbit

Move, resize, zoom your application windows effortlessly.

Zooom is a Mac desktop utility that redefines how you can resize, move and align your application windows - making you faster and more productive.

To use Zooom, the general rule is that you hold down a set of modifier keys (which you can of course change if you wish) and then click somewhere within a window to initiate a drag or resize action.

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I love this tool. However:
- It does not handle all applications (Transmission comes to mind) (the developer was contacted, though his response was prompt, nothing changed, that was at least a year ago).
- It causes weird bugs, involving window activation and drag and drop. When zooom/2 was running, sometimes switching to app would show the window, but wouldnt update the menubar, nor allow focus. Othertimes, drag and drops would refuse to complete when I release the mouse, I would have to right-click or press escape after switching to the source application.
All in all, good tool, but the I suspect the use of private apis to be the cause of the weirdness.
Apple, publish apis to do this, please =)

When switching from Linux/X11 to OSX there is one thing I (and probably many) missed: proper window resizing/movement.

I found this application and am very happy with it since I bought it. Whenever I now use a OSX installation without Zooom/2 installed I miss it! That's why I bought several licenses for other people's OSXs that I use from time to time: boss, co-workers, friends, family, etc.

This utility is fantastic. It replaced MondoMouse on my machine, which was broken on Snow Leopard.

Zooom2 is very solid and configurable and the developer is very reponsive.

I hate it to have to use an add-on for such basic functions, osx should be able to do what zooom2 does out of the box. Anyway, without it osx would haven been unusable for me. It is great to have an easy way to maximize, move and resize windows. Anyone used to x-window (where you can easily create your own bindings for ths) or even ms-windows need this.

This application is amazing! Like the others that have posted, I have tried Mondo Mouse and I know there have been some attempts at creating this type of functionality over the years, but this guy has got it right!

Once you try it, you gotta be buying it!

This is, hands down, an essential mac application. I cant tell you how many times ive tried to 'apple+shift' move windows on other macs and even pc's!! Bought it literally 10 seconds after downloading demo. A++++ (in ebay terms)

This is probably the best $15 I've spent on my mac yet. Combine it with a Kensington Expertmouse and it's mousing heaven.

I love this app too. Though on my Mac having it installed caused iWork Papers to crash constantly. Uninstalling prevented this from happening and reinstalling made it happen again....

I must say that I absolutely LOVE Zooom. One of the most useable UI add-ons for OS X.

And I've tried the competing products, such as MondoMouse and others, but I definitely must say that Zooom beats the competition.

The developer is literally ferreting the support forum for Zooom and if you buy this app, you will feel that you're really taking part of something that is clearly 'alive'!

As a suggestion for those curious in Zooom, I would recommend trying Zooom together with USB Overdrive, or a similar app that can re-program your mouse's buttons. By this method, you can for instance, have your windows moved by pressing and holding down the middle-mouse button! And hear this: THAT is super neat!

Zooom is very stable and a well executed application. Once you start using it, you wont turn back!