Version: 1.1b7 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: Freeware App Owner: foob

ZTerm is a terminal emulation program for the Macintosh. In its day, many people used it to connect to Bulletin Board Systems and download files. Now we have the internet. Its still a useful utility for those systems that only offer dialup connections and for connecting to devices through a serial port, like many routers. For newer Macintoshs that don't have a normal serial port, ZTerm can talk to ports on USB to serial adapters, through the appropriate driver software supplied with the adapter.

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this is obsolete.
Just use
screen /dev/tty.XXX 115200

i use this with a keyspan serial adapter to talk to microcontrollers. perfectly simple terminal program (as far as i use it - it could have a ton of features, but i wouldn't know). exactly what i need.

Yes, I too use this in combination with a keyspan usb-serial connector to configure Cisco gear. Works great!

ZTerm + USB to Serial adaptor = great for programming Cisco gear. On a Mac, too - some Windows users can't seem to figure that something other than HyperTerminal will work.