Comment on Porticus

Says I have 85 ports installed, but nothing shows up on the list--both the left panel and main window are entirely empty

I've been pretty disappointed with MacPorts GUIs--Port Authority wasn't integrated well enough (I believe it used wxWindows), and this isn't a good first impression--I'm sticking with the command line--especially since both of the aforementioned aren't freeware.

However, the version number did throw me off--I figured there had been releases prior to maybe one other beta, but I guess not. I like the Cocoa apps, so I hope this works out--I just wish it was open source--ya know, kinda like MacPorts and all its 4,000 packages :P

Also, the applications' homepage says the beta will expire 30th <b>JULY</b>, 2007...not June as stated in the description.