Comment on MemoryMiner

Hi jailerjoe:

The photos you place into MemoryMiner don't need to be manged by iPhoto, or in your case, stored in the iPhoto library. You can drag and drop photos onto the main window from any source (e.g. the window of iViewMediaPro) or you can load photos from any folder in your file system (File --> Import Photos From Folder).

The Media Browser (Window --> Show Media Browser) lets you visually browse the contents of your iPhoto library, your Aperture Library and your Pictures folder.

Ultimately, MemoryMiner doesn't really care where the photos are stored. They must be readable at the time they are imported (so that a thumbnail can be generated if necessary) and when annotating a photo. Photos can be stored on external drives. If the drive is not connected when you go to annotate a photo, a panel will appear asking you connect the appropriate storage device.

By default, MemoryMiner creates a library document that stores the location of your photo in its database. You have the option of creating a "self-contained" library that copies the file inside the library folder. This is helpful if you're going to send the library to another MemoryMiner user.

Hope this helps.