Comment on TuneBar

The worst piece of software I've ever bought. Period.

I bought it through PayPal, where I have my name with accented characters. TuneBar had some problems with it and disallowed me to register. So I wrote to Tom Hancocs (author) what should I do now. Nothing received, author haven't replied. This looked very unprofessional to me, but it was just a beginning (until now no trace of activity from his side, so don't expect he will reply to anybody with any complains).

Thanks God I got some unicode tools here so I successfully registered even with those nasty characters (I don't remember how was it done, it's a year ago). OK. So now I got a full version of TuneBar.

As I am a Flash developer I often work with remoting and sockets. How was I surprised Tom uses LOT of sockets to handle internal communication. So it's nearly impossible to debug any remoting while TuneBar is running (it's very difficult to find information in the middle of tom.local connections, which are constantly created and destroyed).

That's another reason for hangs TuneBar time to time suffers to. When you disconnect a network, TuneBar is unable to handle these connections and everything you get is a bouncing ball.

I've never seen any application which behaves like that.

Ok. I uninstalled it. I thought everything is ok. But today I've got some issues to fix in network utilities app and I got mad once again. Netstat is full of tom.local connections. I would be really glad to know how to completely remove this piece of crap called TuneBar from my computer.

IN ANY CASE DON'T BUY IT. Worst spent money ever.