Comment on iFreeMem

iFreeMem is fantastic!
I don't know what all the fuss is about, but I find this program extremely useful in my situation. This is because of the following:
1. I have a Mac mini (PPC) with only 512 MB of RAM.
2. I use my Mac mini as my primary desktop/work system, my primary entertainment/gaming system, and my primary video editing system.
3. I like to leave my Mac mini running- I rarely reboot so "free" memory is usually scarce.

Switching between application sets (Running NeoOffice/iTunes/Camino and switching to Final Cut Pro/DVD Studio Pro) can be extremely tedious. After my machine has been in use for a while, new memory-intensive programs that I start are often abnormally sluggish for the entire time that I use them. I used to reboot to solve this issue, which was annoying.

However, iFreeMem can eliminate the sluggishness in a minute or two! Just fire it up, hit optimize, wait a moment, and select the application. In a few seconds it runs as slick as if you had freshly booted the machine.

I'm not sure what all the benchmarking means, but I can tell you from experience that Final Cut Pro DOES run way smoother after iFreeMem does it's thing. Before I started using iFreeMem, FCP would often hang while I was using it, which was extremely disruptive and annoying when trying to edit video.

I imagine that this program would appear to do little for people with newer and more expensive Macs that come with loads of RAM, but my resources are very limited in this regard. Mac mini and possibly MacBook owners with this problem should certainly give iFreeMem a try!