Comment on Filelight

Filelight for KDE is one of the greatest utilities ever conceived, and this Filelight clone for Mac is getting close to achieving such greatness. The ring (pie) chart is an intuitive way to represent disk usage, and I prefer it to clustering algorithms such as the one used in Disk Inventory X.

The 0.2pre2 version is a vast improvement to 0.1 with added tree navigation, refresh, file size display, and a progress bar. The only things that I noticed were missing compared to the original Filelight are depth control (how many layers to display at once) and the roll-over breakdown (name, size, percentage?) with lines drawn to the ring segments.

0.2pre2 had no trouble scanning my entire drive. Of course, calculating the size of groups of files takes time, so patience is a virtue. With that in mind, I've used a ton of these types of programs and mac Filelight seems to be on the faster side.

Vasi, I think you should go ahead and release 0.2!