Comment on Sequential

In response to "rrwright": while I appreciate your Quick Look tip, I don't think you're sporting the appropriate attitude. I had no idea about this particular Quick Look feature, so thanks for the heads up; yes, I came digging around for a fullscreen slideshow app, and yes, this feature kept me from downloading Sequential. But not everyone has upgraded to Leopard. This includes a lot of my friends who are students, as well as several others who are either comfortable with Tiger or waiting for another 'dot release'. My only point is that, for some people, Sequential is still a great program and very much needed. "It sucks to be obsoleted by Leopard" looks a bit juvenile, not to mention makes a big assumption that everyone has upgraded. Somebody wrote code, donated it to the open source community, and filled a need: respect that. And since I believe you do, consider ensuring your comments reflect that. If I'd developed this app, I might be a little bit taken aback, and I might quit writing apps altogether if I'm just going to be "obsoleted".

Now that would be something that "sucks".