Comment on ZigVersion

I've been using CVS for a few years, and a year or two ago made the transition to learning Subversion. At their heart, they both apply the same version control principles. The buzz around Subversion is more because it deals with many of the problems people feel are crippling CVS. There's nothing spectacular about Subversion.
And about setting it up, I've yet to find a GUI for Subversion that's so complete, a user can get away without having to revert to the commandline. I use ZigVersion for managing my Google Code repository, as well as TextMate's built-in Subversion bundle, but I'm constantly reverting to the Terminal for more direct Subversion control. Its inevitable. :) I'd recommend finding a good Subverison tutorial, and start exploring the software as if it were a command-line only tool. Once you've got the hang of the commandline tool, using these GUI applications will feel more intuitive.