Comment on SOHO Notes

I love all the features of this app, but it's so damn slow. For reasons unclear to me (I'm just a user), once I launch it, I sometimes have to wait a minute or two before I can enter text into a note. This occasionally occurs at other times, too -- it's hard to switch from typing into one open note to typing into another and I'm just sitting there looking at the beachball. Also, although you can do a kind of Searchlight search of the notes from a menubar icon, that is also weirdly slow, considering it's spotlight. Opening a category of notes from the collapsible sidebar window, also really slow. And it doesn't support tags.

Still, this is useful as a miscellaneous collecting tool, partly because it allows you to create a note while in another application using just a keystroke, without ever having to switch over to SoHo.

I'm still looking for a note software that I can use on a book project manage lots of and lots of text clippings with tags. It has to be fast and Notae looks good for this, although it seems kinda buggy.