Comment on YummySoup!


Just FYI, I'm fairly certain The Little App Factory is out of business and no longer developing Connoisseur. Someone is still collecting registration fees but they don't answer support emails anymore. I recommended Connoisseur to my mom and she bought it about a year or so ago. When we upgraded her to Leopard, it broke Connoisseur. I tried getting support from TLAF but no one answered my/our emails. I went so far as to track down one of the devlelopers, who was spending a year in Pakistan, and he gave me another email to try. Many, many unaswered emails later, we gave up and since I'd been using YS for quite some time (I think I got it on MacZot for $10 or something) we migrated her to it.

Since switching to YS neither her nor I have had any regrets. I much prefer the drag and drop of YS and the Anysite importer is simply great. I got tired of the whole Services menu import of Connoisseur.