Comment on VirtueDesktops

Check your log files!
Last night I noticed that my library was over 9 gigs, while another user's was about 250 MB. After about twenty minutes of searching, I found the VirtueDesktops log. You're probably thinking, "It's a log file- how big can that possibly be?" I'll tell you: 8.24 gigs! I tried to open it in Console, but the system immediately bogged down and I had to force-quit Console. Then I opened it in Firefox, and that worked. However, after a few minutes, there was still text loading! This file is huge! So, I used AppDelete to get rid of the program and all its affiliates, and I lived happily ever after (so far). Maybe this was an isolated incident, but I recommend you check.
Oh yeah, it's located in /Users/[user]/Library/Logs/