Comment on Contactizer Pro

The idea of Contactizer is great - no doubt. I´m a customer since OD4 aswell but cannot agree to previous comments in all points.

I was wondering about the missing manual for contactizer. I still get OD4Contact help although the feature set has changed in many ways and many of them are anything but self-explaining. So I´ve sent a mail to them and haven´t get any response until today. According to the other comments this may happened accidentally and normally support is more responsive.

Integration of iCal didn´t work for me. Entries where doubled and syncing worked crappy in my environment. Again, missing manual didn´t make the iCal integration trustworthy for me. In case of doubt I just don´t use it.... sad, since linking events with communications seemed to be a killer feature!

Great feature: I use Contactizer to track phone call notes and that is just great since you get all your communication in one view, no matter if it´s a phone call, mail or chat. Entry could be easier... e.g. with a shortcut. Too many clicks by now. When the phone rings my client deserves all my attention and not my CRM.

My recommendation: if you consider to use contactizer, TEST IT, then test it again and make sure it works for you before you invest 120 dollar