Comment on Pixadex

I'm an iconoholic, desperately driven to customizing anything in sight (or not in sight). Plain folders really bug me, and a lot of SW developers have poor aesthetics (sorry folks, but...). So, I have massive amounts of icons I pick-n-choose from. Pixadex makes it really easy to find the "just-right" ones for my gratification. I don't do "unified" so it's important I have a wide range to select from, and this app orders them for me. I especially like the icontainer concept, which allows me to install sets into Pixadex in a ready-made group I can quickly identify. I do agree, however, that Candybar is rather redundant and needs to be merged, so forgo it. As to its price, I don't think it's all that high compared to a lot of SW out there that runs up over $30.00 and competes with free stuff that's just as good - or better, the point being, I searched for a freebie to do what Pixadex does and couldn't find any, so I think it's a good value in the long run.