Comment on Carbon Copy Cloner

Warning, if you are considering using this application, beware of two things:

1) There is a list of caveats that the support folks suggest to follow, but you don't see until you go looking for them in the right places. In other words, if you just go ahead and clone following the basic directions, and then discover you have a problem, and then search for answers, you will be "treated" to a list of things you should have known you should have known before doing anything so stupid as to try to use Carbon Copy Clone.

2) In the support forums, if you ask any stupid questions, or have other problems that display your ignorance, you will be treated to the tag-team of "Andreas" and "Baltwo" who seem to think treating dumb users by expressing and displaying the mentality of a pair of WWE (used to be WWF) performers, including encouraging the same rude behavior from the audience, is the best way to deal with some users. Real "Pros" they are; kinda sorta like those other "Pros".

Consider SuperDuper.