Comment on Fun Card Maker

I am very upset with Apple's axing iCards, but not so upset that I'll use this bloated (11.7MB unzipped) piece of shameless adware.

Upon launch this "application" opened up its paid software website. The developer has no web page for this "app", nor is there a section for it in the company's forum.

The cheesy stamp is not only advertising (so was Apple's for that matter), but the HUGE and messy advertising postmark gets plastered on your image.

Last, and not least, this app is far too woefully inadequate in features to emulate the iCard postcard experience. Here's the resulting card:

Better to spend $10 for Steve Dekorte's PostCard shareware app:

I posted my review of PostCard here on Flickr:

I've sent about 2 dozen postcards using PostCard over the past month, though I've owned this app since 2004, with the same positive reactions from my recipients I used to get by sending Apple's iCards.

If you insist on not spending any money for what used to be free (or enhanced with your $99 .Mac subscription), and if you have iWork... more specifically Keynote, you can download Kyn Drake's iCard Keynote templates free of charge:

Kyn's templates are an exact facsimile of Apple's iCards, right down to the dated "Hello from Cupertino" postmark.

Don't waste your time or your good hard drive space on this app! Apple's staff should be ashamed for making FCM a Pick.