Comment on Mori

Speaking as the new owner/developer of Mori, please explain how you consider it to be ruined?

The versions you indicated had problems with old Mori notebooks on Leopard, not new ones. In addition, 1.6.7 was released the day after you posted that criticism and fixed the issue (1.6.6 was released on 2007-11-20, you complained on 11-21, and 1.6.7 was released on 11-22, which was Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S.), and I just released Mori 1.6.9, so updates and bugfixes are still coming along, thank you very much!

Incidentally, people who complain on other websites about these issues don't see them get fixed because I don't see them until much later. I support users who report issues on the Apokalypse website where I have areas for bug fixes, feature requests, and user community fora (

(Also, Apokalypse doesn't mean end of the world. Don't be so melancholic or dramatic!)