Comment on Remote Desktop Connection

I was glad to see Microsoft released a version 2.0 of this application that was a Universal Binary, it was a big improvement over the older PPC only version, but still felt a little less thought-through then other application.

After the beta timed out a nagging message would pop-up everytime you start the application. When you do this 10 - 15 times a day it's very annoying and Microsoft didn't have a new version ready nor did they indicate they would anytime soon.

I ended up trying CoRD again. I had tried it in the past and found it worse then RDC 1.03, but now, wow, what an improvement! It seems to have some problems with the clipboard between the Mac and PC, but multiple sessions and all in one window instead of separate windows, how nice.

I am no longer using this application, I've un-installed it and totally switched over to CoRD.