Comment on iBackup 2008

This application is extremely unintuitive, misleading and dangerous for your file. If you want to backup them, it's because you want to keep them safe. iBackup can jeopardise your files and you should be VERY careful when you use it!!!

I set up a iBackup process for automatic backup of my photos to my external hard drive. I was already doing that backup manually before, so the external HD already contained older backup. Instead of doing a continuous BACKUP, iBackup decided to SYNC the external HD with my local copy, ERASING the year of backups I had done manually without even raising a warning.

Because of that, I lost thousands of valuable photos that I won't be able to take again.

Beware, iBackup default setting doesn't backup, but SYNC (i.e. erases the files that don't exist any more on your local drive), it's extremely dangerous for your files and misleading in it's configuration.
To be able to do REAL BACKUP, you will have to change the command line parameters used by iBackup, and will have to understand ditto and rsync to do that... the interface is then USELESS.