Comment on Alarm Clock 2

This is quite simply the best alarm clock on the market. I've used and tested all the other software alarm clocks on the market, and this one is the simplest and by far the most stable. I've been using it for over 6 months now, and it hasn't failed me once. The application does exactly what you want it to do, and no more. I've become so used to it running in my tray that I sometimes forget it didn't come installed with the OS.

And in response to sensei's comments below:
When you hack your TIME (as in 12:02, and not the date) settings of the OS, of course you're going to screw up applications! What did you think was going to happen. Why would developers expect a date to be displayed in the time only settings? The application is internationalized (over 15 languages), it must rely on the user defined settings in order to properly display the date and time.

And also, I always have the application running, and it does NOT have a memory leak. I'm a system administrator, and I keep an eye on my activity monitor a lot. I'm guessing you simply don't have a full understanding of how OS X manages memory.