Comment on Sporktris

@bradbeattie : Quinn is great; it's definitely more "Mac-like" than Sporktris (since it's made in Cocoa, whereas Sporktris is cross-platform C++/SDL), and has more features. But there are a few things Sporktris has that Quinn doesn't (or does better or just different): the key repeat system (Sporktris' isn't perfect, but it avoids some problems the system one has with games), level backgrounds (Quinn is nice looking in another way; just different), generally faster (in Quinn, I get 190 lines, and I'm on level 6; in Sporktris it'd be level 20, which is really fast), less animation (which is a matter of taste, but it does mean it's less resource intensive). Anyway, it just depends what you want in a Tetris game.

@bruce : Just to be clear, it probably won't prevent a raccoon infestation either. It's just, in all my testing, it's never caused one, and I thought that was worth noting.