Comment on Adobe Photoshop Elements

I hate to say it, but the PC version of this is far superior to the Mac version. I bought this for my PC (back before I switched the the Mac) and instantly fell in love with the organizer and innovative hierarchical, drag-n-drop tagging system. Plus the timeline viewer and other tools were far superior even to Picasa (which had just recently been released at the time).

Now, if you've used the Mac version, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. And that is because the Mac version is simply the PC version MINUS the organizer and tagging system. Sure, the photo editing tools and project tools (cards, calendars, etc) are still there, but the tagging system was nowhere to be found. I was so insanely frustrated that I had to purchase the same piece of software again when I switched to a Mac, and the second time I got only half the product for about the same price. I was even more upset that the hours I had spent tagging my photos was wasted time since iPhoto couldn't properly import them.

Since the Mac version is integrated with iPhoto, I tried re-tagging my entire photo library with it, but iPhoto's tagging system is far too simplistic (and kind of pathetic) compared to the tagging system on the PC version of Elements. After this incident, I doubt I will ever pay for an Adobe product again.