Comment on Remote Buddy

Your three primary options (that I'm aware of, at least) for controlling your mac remotely are Mira, Sofa Control, and Remote Buddy.

I've tried all 3, and IMO Remote Buddy is far more customizable than Mira and far easier to customize than Sofa Control. Plus there are some features you can't get with the other two, like support for Bluetooth-enabled phones and the Wii remote (which I love, BTW).

There's also a bunch of scripts that come built-in and ready-to-go with RB that make it just that much easier to use. You could mirror the same functionality in the other two, but it would require a bunch of scripting (or, at least, downloading add-on scripts from their website).

With all that being said, RB isn't perfect. The movie library browser for VLC is underdeveloped and the music browser for iTunes is slow and sometimes glitchy (displaying the wrong song info). Also, better support for 480i TV as a secondary display would be nice. And as insanely customizable as the RB on-screen menus are, there are some pretty basic tweaking options that are just... absent (like screen positioning and font size).

But the pros far outweigh the cons (again, IMO). I can't imagine going back to the time before I started using this.