Comment on PeerGuardian

I'm sorry, but this app is just terrible. There's no way to block IPs for a specific application - you either block everything or you block nothing. This means you either a) have to edit your blacklists and whitelists to restore semi-normal internet access, or b) enable PeerGuardian only when you're running that specific application and disable it afterwards.

The problem with a) is that it requires you to spend hours (or even days) monitoring your logs and editing the blacklists and whitelists to get things working properly again. And the problem with b) is that you're still dealing with crippled internet access while it's running. Additionally, PG is set to run at startup and there's no way to disable this. So if you use it infrequently, every time you startup or restart your computer you have to load up the PG app and allow all connections (and disable the helper applications, unless you want to waste resources). Also, good luck trying to get PG completely uninstalled.

The only problem, AFAIK anyway, is that PG is really the only game in town. A couple of apps like Azureus have built-in IP filters, but unless you happen to already be using such an app, there really is no other option for IP filtering. Which sucks. Because I really hate Azureus. And PeerGuardian.

It looks like this might be one of those "lesser of two evils" situations...