Comment on YummySoup!

YummySoup is a really nice, no frills app for managing (not just keeping) your recipes. I have tried several other recipe managers, most recently MacGourmet, and YummySoup is the most "Mac like" I have found Although YummySoup doesn't have all the frills of the others, it shines in it's simplicity and ease of use.

The web importer is hands down the best available...for most of the common recipes sites (allrecipes, foodtv, etc.) it auto populates all fields by merely using drag and drop to the main window. If YummySoup can't auto populate fields, it presents an easy to use interface for highlighting, selecting, and then importing the various fields into the library. Top it off that in can import from other recipe managers (saving time if you convert from another supported application) and has .Mac support, it really adds up to a great product.

Finally, the $20 license is a "family license" which allows you to install it on all Macs in your home. This is a welcome move by the developer which I wish was a model more software companies embraced.