Comment on JustLooking

Great program! I'm using it since I switched from Windows to Mac. Im suggesting 2 options that should be in the program to make it greater than it already is:

1. Including an option to enable/disable the repeat of a slideshow (now it continues with the first image again at the end of a slideshow)

2. I think a few people only are using the miniature window. It is not simple to open it, and after it opens you're getting 2 windows open (normal + miniatures)

It should be opened with just 1 click on the Enter key. The normal image window then should be changed into the miniature images window. Clicking enter again should make ik go back to normal view. This will make it more easy and user friendly to use because of having only 1 window open at a time.

Also when clicking on a miniature in the miniature view, the normal image view window should appear and show the image you clicked on.

This will bring more interaction into the normal + miniature window. At this moment they look more like 2 different apps in 2 different windows.

Same kind of system is used by ACDSee in Windows, and I can tell you there are a lot of users :)

Thanks and keep it up!