Comment on Pomoto

I've used Pomoto for several months now. I was looking for a simple clean effective way to simply put photos online that I already organized in iPhoto. Pomoto works well with iPhoto and takes advantage of the work I do in iPhoto to caption, title, and sort photos into albums.

Publishing is a simple matter of selecting albums from my iPhoto archive, narrowing the selection to specific photos if I want and clicking publish. No exporting from iPhoto, no scaling the originals, no making a zip for upload, no uploading of photos at all. Pomoto takes care of all that behind the scenes. It even uploads my photos at various resolutions to ensure quality at a variety of viewing resolutions.

Not only is publishing easy, so is republishing. Didn't mean to post that one photo of yourself? Uncheck the photo in Pomoto and republish. Pomoto only publishes the changes you made. No need to upload the whole album again. This means small changes only don't cost a lot of time and bandwidth.

Once published you get an easily remembered URL for your friends and family to use when browsing your photos. Pomoto also supports a number of built in site skins called "Themes". And if you know your way around CSS you can even easily create your own Theme.

All in all a good deal for 3 USD. Unlike the numerous "free" photo publishing options, if you have a problem with pomoto, there is someone available to address your concerns.