Comment on GlowWorm FW

So, I made now some really bad experiences about glow worm.

Since the release of the new Mac OS X, Leopard is running really smooth and fast on my MacBook. Every, really every App i was running without any problems under the new Loepard.

So I installed a lot of new versions of the whole Apps I´m using and then I didn´t knew whether install Glow Worm or not.

I decided to try it out. I installed it under Leopard and then Glow Worm freezed at starting. And not enough, a few seconds later it freezed my browser, my Finder and rellay the whole Leopard. I tried to shut Glow Worm down about 20 minutes and nothing worked. So I rebootet my MacBook and everything I got was a sick BlueScreen and Leopard dind´t showed up. (The same thing I got, when I installed Leopard the first time on my MacBook, but this was a general problem -> Apple wrote about that).

So, I had to reinstall my whole Leopard.

Now it´s running again, without any problems, but Glow Worm died for me.

There still is no new version, no update for Leopard or anything else.

And the old version which was running under my old Tiger had an extremely awfull interface. I just used it two times under Tiger and even there it was not a nice, smooth App.

So this "try out" was a big mistake I made.....