Comment on Teleport

After that glowing review of teleport, I'm back to using Synergy (turns out I forgot to forward the port on my new network).

While what I previously wrote is still all true, there was one problem that I couldn't deal with: Teleport cannot automatically reset the positions of the screens when displays are added or taken away.

Case in point: I have one laptop with connected monitor, and 1 laptop without connected through Teleport. When I leave and take my main laptop with me (disconnecting the monitor), upon return and reconnection, teleport ceases to work. This can be fixed by going to the prefpane and resetting the screen positions, but doing this every time I come back home is tedious (and not worth scripting IMO).

I will miss the Drag&Drop (I've recently started using DropBox to alleviate this), and look foward to the developer fixing this issue (seems to be well reported in dev's forums).