Comment on Snapz Pro X

Capturing movies on my MacMini 2006 model. This is the fastest program I have found for this. I have tried several, inclusive iShowU.

Unfortunately SnapzProX has a bad UI. The window doesn't behave like a typical Mac window and always gets hidden below all the other windows I have open. And is not too happy with Leopard Spaces.

You need to specify that you want to record audio BEFORE recording, if you have forgotten then the audio is just lost and you can start all over.

After you have recorded, if you select the wrong options for video codec/audio then the video is lost and you can start all over.

Picking the right video codec is very difficult, because there are no description inside the program of what works best.

There is no VU-meter to ensure the audio is ok before recording.

Movie recording speed is good. Encoding speed is terrible slow. Too pricy. Doesn't behave like a modern mac program. Loosing data is unacceptable. Usability is bad. I use it a lot, but I don't like it. If it wasn't for the recording speed I had picked something else.

My advise for Ambrosia. Make movie recording the primary feature. Make it impossible to loose data. Make the encoding faster. Then you will have a good program.