Comment on Things

Things is just beautiful... It's simple, but powerful... They give you what they advertise, even during the alpha. The features they promise in the near future are things I've been waiting for.

Being able to use hotkeys to tag tasks is awesome. The people section is brilliant too. I wish I could add more than one person to a task, but it's definitely a nice addition, which I haven't seen in other apps.

'Someday' is brilliant... I love being able to shove in random things... like "Learn Latin." And not have to worry about anything going nuts telling me "You still haven't learned Latin..." I tend to keep a lot of these, particularly related to personal knowledge. Having a special place for them is definitely nice. I greatly appreciate that CC picked up on this.

The only thing I'm really waiting for is synchronization abilities. I love being able to sync my gtd app to iCal, and from there to my palm, my mobile, and to the web.

Having given Things some praise, I must also say... I've been an iGTD user for a while now. There are a few features, from iGTD, which feel missing from Things, such as drag and drop contact/url tags. (Mind you, adding a url into the notes section in Things does make a clickable link, just not as easy to find with a quick overview.) I also miss the priority/effort pieces of iGTD. They were easily visible, and easy to update. (Nice pricetag on iGTD too... 0 is a happy number. Though, given what I've seen from Things... I'm quickly starting to believe it's worth my money.)