Comment on Moneydance

I've been using Moneydance for over 3 years on Mac and Linux.

What it like:
- Rock solid. Unlike some other apps, it never crashed, never lost data
- Cross-platform
- Real double-entry bookkeeping
- very flexible account and category setup
- can open multiple windows simultaneously
- very nice price
- mulitple currencies
- no gimmicks
- Responsive developer
- Friendly and supportive user community

What I don't like:
- the looks are not up to the standards of a spoiled OS X user
- the workflow "feels" clumsier than it is (actually the UI has many well thought-through details)
- budget planning way too limited to be useful
- reporting is very basic

I like this app, because I can really manage my finances. It has all the features I really need (and lacks somme I really want). I haven't found any other app on Mac or Linux that was flexible enough to really capture all aspects of my finances. I didn't need any odd workarounds. Unlike other apps, it doesn't annoy with visual span and doesn't pretend to make financial stuff easier than it is.

Moneydance enables (and requires) the user to really understand bookkeeping. In my book this is a good thing.